Lang Walker

Walker Corporation

Lang Walker, Executive Chairman and founder and owner of Walker Corporation is one of Australia’s most respected and successful property developers. Starting from humble beginnings, Lang has grown Walker into one of Australia’s most innovative and pioneering names in property.

Lang Walker’s passion for sustainable placemaking and his proven masterplanning track record has been an exemplar within the profession for over 50 years. Mr Walker has kept his company at the forefront of sustainability, from pioneering excavation techniques that minimised vibration damage and noise pollution, to implementing harbour regeneration in Sydney and employing the latest in green technology to create sustainable buildings with efficient water, energy and aeration systems for a healthy working environment.

Mr Walker’s buildings have a reputation for outstanding quality that lasts the test of time but more importantly create a sense of place and belonging. Iconic buildings like Woolloomooloo Pier and Broadway Shopping Centre which were left to ruin and in danger of demolition have been saved by Mr Walker and carefully and lovingly restored to their former glory. Mr Walker has shown time and again how contaminated former commercial sites like Rhodes in Sydney, can be sustainably regenerated and turned into vibrant connected communities.

For over 50 years Lang Walker has rehabilitated many contaminated, derelict sites and transformed them into thriving commercial, retail and residential communities showing that sustainability also comes through regeneration of a built environment. Walker prides himself on delivering urban transformations that not only make an impact on our customers’ future workplaces, but also make an impact to reduce our environmental footprint. Walker continues to set the benchmark higher for his company as he continues to be an active leader of sustainable principles and practices within the built environment, delivering best practice solutions that meet or exceed industry leading targets.

Lang Walker was awarded the title of ‘Officer of the Order of Australia AO’ in 2015 for ongoing service to the community as a significant benefactor and supporter of social welfare, medical research, healthcare, heritage, sporting causes and commerce.

Photography courtesy Walker Corporation.