Adrian Light

ONE20 Architects

Adrian Light has worked in Architecture since 1988 and is currently the Managing Director of ONE20 Group Architects. He graduated with honours from UTS in 1994 and completed a masters by Thesis in the area of “Bodily (im)positions” A phenomenological re-casting of space and architecture in 2001. He has specialized International competence in the design of buildings of all scales including several award winning revolutionary sustainable projects. Adrian was the lead designer for the International Broadcast Centre for the Sydney Olympic Games and has had roles as a community social housing liason architect and as an architectural book editor. He has also spent time educating the next generaion of sustainable architects both at a university level and in the traineeships he has established. His latest project is the conversion of the Skipping Girl Vinegar factory which was featured on the TV Series “Grand Designs” and “The Living Room” and is the subject of a documentary on Architel TV.

Photography: Kit Haselden, Tony Zara, Aaron Sebo