The Burcham

Stable Innovations

The landscape design for “The Burcham” at 8 Crewe Place, Rosebery expresses a consistent language throughout all areas of the site. The design provides secluded ground floor courtyards in the “Wrigley Common” with screening plants which give privacy and a vegetated connection to the green open areas of the communal spaces beyond. The common areas of the site provide relaxing, multi-functional activity spaces, including edible community gardens, including 2 rooftop community outdoor kitchens, a cinema screen within the framework of the re-birthed rooftop historic water tower.

The landscape can be separated into three high-level design areas; Private courtyard streetscapes, Deep soil planting areas, common internal courtyard, and a communal rooftop garden.

The proposed landscape common landscape areas and private ground floor apartments have been designed with regard to the following general design principles:

  • The landscape will respond to all existing site feature to be retained including the original Wrigley Chewing Gum factory building constructed in 1918, the extension in 1928 and the structural root zone of all existing trees to be retained.
  • Common landscape areas will be versatile, offering multiple areas for relaxation surrounded by lush vegetation and sculptural garden forms.
  • Material selection will be robust, high quality and low maintenance.
  • The streetscape of the 2 new buildings will be sensitive to the future development of the area including the proposed light rail on Rosebery Avenue and planned residential development on Primrose Street.
  • The landscape will offer interaction between residents with raised edible communal gardens, seating areas, and rooftop outdoor kitchen environments.
  • Rain water is harvested from all 4 roof tops within the project, and utilised for toilet flushing within the 98 apartments and for irrigation on the site