DesignSuites by GPT


DesignSuites by GPT, designed by BVN, is a groundbreaking project challenging traditional workplace fitouts with a strong focus on sustainability. This innovative approach has targeted a 6 Star Green Star – Interior rating and certification of upfront embodied carbon neutrality through Climate Active, setting a global standard in sustainable fitout design.

The project focuses on transforming the speculative fit out market, reducing waste and fostering a circular economy. By partnering with various stakeholders and embracing bulk procurement, DesignSuites reimagines workspace design, resulting in longer-lasting and more sustainable fitouts.

DesignSuites prioritises modularity and “designed for disassembly” principles, allowing for easy disassembly and reuse of materials in future fitouts. The project’s sustainable initiatives include tree planting for furniture purchases, sourcing recycled materials, and contributing to ocean cleanup efforts through discarded fishing nets.

Photography Lynton Crabb