Commercial Training Room Refurbishment

Gray Puksand

Gray Puksand’s Commercial Training Room Refurbishment project prioritises sustainability and occupant wellbeing. Aiming to meet green rating standards, the esteemed practice incorporated a number of eco-friendly practices throughout, improving the overall comfort of occupants through redesigning layouts to maximise natural light and views, fostering collaboration, and promoting a healthier work culture.

Recycled materials and low-VOC finishes were chosen, contributing to improved air quality. The main flooring component, Forbo Marmoleum, prevents bacterial growth and enhances indoor air quality. Noise reduction was achieved through acoustic treatments, creating efficient and comfortable learning spaces.

The project focused on sustainability, with LED lighting, energy-efficient HVAC controls, and water-efficient plumbing fixtures. The collaboration with local manufacturers, such as Luxxbox and Five Mile Radius, supported the local design community.

Gray Puksand’s design for the Training Rooms reflects professionalism and sustainability, creating an environment that welcomes newcomers while adhering to green principles.

Photography by Michael Carrello