Finesse Shoe Store

Studio Edwards

Located within a corner brick terrace in central Collingwood, Finesse is designed to provide an intimate setting for rare a nd limited edition shoes. Exisiting walls and ceiling are washed in neutral blush tones with a series of steel vertical acrow props (scaffold) providing support for display shelving and clothing rails.

Designed as both reconfigurable and completely relocatable store space, each shelving unit is fabricated from a singular folded aluminium sheet and bolted in place to the scaffold supports.
This allows for the display and interior space to be fully adjustable and easily removed at the end of the tenancy.

The primary display is angled to respond to the existing street front window inviting passers-by to stop and look, its angular form creating space for the changing room within the tiny volume. Overhead a coloured linear light extends towards the entry door to allow for adjustment of the ambience to the space. The sales desk and display plinths are wrapped in seamless speckled vinyl so as to visually melt into the floor and the custom aluminium bench, coupled with the softness of cushioning, provides a spot to sit and try on shoes.

Photography by Peter Bennetts