Delatite Cellar Door

Lucy Clemenger Architects

Nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Victorian Alps with sweeping views of Taungurung Country, Delalite Cellar Door embodies a commitment to sustainable design and environmental responsibility.

Designed by Lucy Clemenger Architects, this project not only provides a unique wine tasting and dining experience but also sets a remarkable benchmark for sustainable architecture. From the outset, the goal was clear: create a building that not only respects the natural environment but actively contributes to its well-being.

Delatite, a winery dedicated to biodynamic farming and minimal environmental impact, sought a fully self-sustainable structure that would harmonise with the landscape. The facility was able to achieve a number of impressive green ratings and standards via a JV3 thermal modelling assessment guiding its environmentally responsible design;

The building’s self-sustainability is a testament to this commitment, as it produces surplus energy from a substantial 100kW solar PV array with a 73kW storage battery while relying solely on harvested rainwater for all water needs.

Sustainable design principles are evident throughout the project, from passive heating and cooling to maximise daylighting and low-VOC materials. The building’s thermal comfort and electric heating and cooling systems ensure minimal energy usage. Timbercrete, a material predominantly made from sawmill waste, was chosen for its low environmental impact and carbon-trapping properties. The design also incorporated a variety of strategies to support ecological diversity, from water tanks and indigenous plantings to a chook house for waste reduction.

Photography Derek Swalwell