HVG Facades

HVG Facades’ MondoClad® premium solid aluminium panels provide architects, designers, developers, builders, and contractors with a cladding solution that’s second to none. Manufactured to the highest international standards, MondoClad® offers enhanced fire safety, making it the ideal choice for both recladding projects and new builds.

HVG Facades specifically selected a corrosion resistant marine alloy (5052) for its ease to fabricate, high tensile strength and superior impact resistance. MondoClad® has been designed to withstand the harsh effects of the Australian environment. It’s also been coated with a PPG Duranar finish, a superior PVDF architectural paint finish that’s world-renowned for its consistent and stable colours, long-term durability, and low maintenance. In fact, MondoClad® is so low maintenance it requires no cleaning at all. In addition, it comes with a 20-year warranty, for even more peace of mind.

Photography courtesy of Frasers Property Industrial.