EasyDRAIN Edge

Everhard Industries

EasyDRAIN Edge is an architecturally designed, drainage system that is installed under the surface and works seamlessly with tiles and pavers to create a completely concealed finish. Made in Australia from 100% recycled polymer, EasyDRAIN Edge creates new landscaping opportunities for patios, swimming pools, balconies and other outdoor areas without compromising on water collection needs.
EasyDRAIN Edge is a complete solution designed specifically for the installer and homeowner – two key roles in drainage selection. For the installer, we have designed the system with click-together technology and moulded in-outlets to make installation quick and easy. For the homeowner, the system works with all heights and sizes of pavers, can be retro fitted to existing EasyDRAIN channel, is rust free and completely concealed ensuring landscaping vision is maintained.
EasyDRAIN Edge is proudly manufactured by us in Brisbane and is produced using UV stabilised 100% recycled polypropylene. By adding the UV stabilised polymer it extends the life of the system which also reduces the need for replacements. At the end of the product life EasyDRAIN Edge can be recycled back into the economy instead of going into landfills.