Estelle Roman

Fraser & Partners / Elenberg Fraser

From a young age growing up in France, Estelle would experiment with design by drawing plans of her bedroom and reimagining its potential. With a creative mind enveloped in spatial vision and problem-solving, a career in architecture was the perfect combination, at the junction between art and science. She is a passionate advocate for decarbonising the built environment and is driven to develop and inspire a better future. In pursuit of this mission, her work seeks to reconnect people with the natural environment. Estelle is a Certified Passivhaus Designer and brings valuable regenerative design intelligence to projects. Her insights enable the team and clients alike to think differently about the possibilities for the built environment. The recipient of several industry accolades, Estelle has worked in France, Chile and Australia across a raft of scales and typologies, experiences that have shaped her as a designer.

Estelle’s unwavering commitment to enhancing building performance and advocating for Passivhaus principles has significantly influenced decision-makers and stakeholders, prompting them to adopt more effective practices. Additionally, she advocates for the importance of reconnecting with nature for overall well-being. Through her involvement in various organisations and dedication to education and support, Estelle continues to make a positive impact within and beyond the building industry, promoting sustainability and fostering healthier environments for all.

Her ultimate objective is to design Australia’s inaugural large-scale Passivhaus high-res project and to have one project take on the Living Building Challenge. Estelle is committed to expanding her company’s portfolio by integrating many highly regenerative projects.

Photography by C6_Visualisation_@inplace.visual