Councillor HY William Chan

City of Sydney

Councillor HY William Chan is a young architect and policymaker accelerating a net-zero transition for Australian cities and international communities. Chairing Sydney’s environment committee, William successfully introduced innovative Australian-first policies in government that create measurable, socio-economic change, capturing environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact. William gained unanimous support to pass urban planning controls that achieve net-zero operational buildings from 2026, incorporating performance standards, renewable energy targets and offsite renewables purchase for Greater Sydney and NSW, and Sydney’s Urban Forest policies to tackle urban heat by doubling green cover, while using geo-spatial technology to ensure species’ climate resilience for 2050. He represented over 200 Australian municipalities to align national climate targets through multi-level government collaboration for the UN Climate Change Conference – COP27. Championing renters and social housing residents on behalf of 100 industry leaders, he played an influential role in successfully increasing the energy-efficiency of homes from 6 to 7-stars in the 2023 National Construction Code. Passionate about the future of circular economy construction, William developed an award-winning circular architecture prototype for the Green Building Council of Australia’s 10 Year anniversary. He also co-founded a climate-tech startup that upcycles plastic waste into building materials in disadvantaged urban communities.

William is currently elected to a second term of chairing the environment and sustainability portfolio for the City of Sydney Council, Australia’s largest and fastest growing local area (877,736 residents and visitors).

Photography by Hasmukh Chand, Climate Action Network Australia