SVSS – Compost Amenities Block

pentArchi Sustainable Synergetic Architecture

The Samford Valley Steiner School Compost Amenities consist of 2 x Unisex Compost Amenities Blocks. The two blocks are almost identical except for their siting the school campus. The two blocks have matching plans however differ in section due to their site slope and topography and thus have different access stairs configurations. Providing the School with a typical Compost amenities block design was part of the sustainable – master plan strategy for reducing water consumption and not exacerbating the existing onsite septic system which was already overloaded. Upgrading or adding additional onsite wastewater treatment facilities was complicated by the narrow sloping site and proximity to the waterways near the school campus. The Water-less amenities design was congruent with the underlying sustainable principles of the school and thus provided an appropriate solution.

Photography by AdnicPhotograpy