Cannon Hill Anglican College D Block

Reddog Architects in collaboration with Blueline Architecture

Working in conjunction with the College’s masterplan, the new building, D Block, is a high-profile location for the Cannon Hill Anglican College (CHAC) campus and forms a critical connection for the linear journey from Prep to Year 12.

The building provides a natural entry point into the campus and is an important intersection between the senior and middle schools. The building was intended to give CHAC flexibility in using the space, acknowledging the College’s desire as part of the Masterplan to facilitate a wide variety of functions, events and learning experiences.

Choosing a palette of white brick enhances the sense of surrounding bushland by providing a perfect background for the leaf shadows from trees. The bushland inspired interior colour palette of muted greys, greens and pinks work as wayfinding prompts, helping students and visitors to the campus to navigate through the area.

D Block was designed as a high-quality, long-term investment for the school which will age and weather minimally. As part of a longer term vision, investment was made in selecting materials that are authentic and need little to no maintenance, sustainable materials, irrigated indoor planting, an automated operable atrium acting as thermal chimney and southern lightwell.

The building has adopted an information system that displays the energy and water usage of the building which is an educational tool for the users and students.

Photography by Christopher Frederick Jones