Little Village Early Learning – Bridgeman Downs

Jessica Hardwick Architecture

The framework for design centred on taking what was essentially a weed-riddled cow paddock and turning it into a thriving, natural ecosystem. The end result is a facility that truly serves the local community – both in its’ preservation and restoration of the environment and through the provision of buildings that nurture and teach children about the natural environment around them.
From a sustainability standpoint, we are proud to have produced a series of low-impact buildings that really do connect their occupants to the natural context, fostering a wonderful appreciation for the relationship between our built and natural environments. Our approach has prioritised creating high quality environments that are nurturing for children and supportive to staff. The wellbeing of all who occupy the building has informed our process at every step and we believe this approach is crucial to being truly sustainable in building new structures. A well-loved building, made of low-embodied energy materials, that is efficient to run and truly cared for over time is what sustainable building means to us.

Photography: Alanna Jayne McTiernan