TANDEM design studio with Perri Projects

167K is the new headquarters for a family-owned, rapidly growing food business, located just over the road from their previous headquarters, built 30 years ago by the same builder, Qanstruct. It maintains elements of the history of the site while also looking to the future of the area, which will retain its employment and industrial functions but is located close to densifying inner-city residential neighbourhoods. The brick warehouse at the front of the site was retained but now opens itself to the street, reflecting the rapid urban regeneration characteristics of this neighbourhood.
The simply conceived, but dynamically patterned new building behind the warehouse references a stroboscope, an optical mechanism that is animated by movement. This is a clear statement of intent regarding the future of the company, the preserved and renovated brick building on the street references the history of the area. The rear facade references the stacked shipping containers and carriages in the rail yards immediately behind. The rear of the building houses common staff facilities and informal meeting areas, which enjoy spectacular views over the rail yards towards the CBD and docks.

Photography: Dylan James