Clifton Hill House

Winter Architecture

The specifics of an architecturally designed house are often driven by the occupants. In the case of Clifton Hill House, Winter Architecture designed for a range of potential future occupants, whilst meeting the client’s needs.

The house is contemporary in its mediation between design desires and the requirements to be durable and flexible as a rentable home. The conceptual framework for the project was to find a common ground between these and work within this threshold. The project costing parameters predictably contained a strict, modest budget that dictated efficient planning alongside simple, durable materials. The design desires of the project were to provide quality spaces that retained their relevance regardless of the tenant’s domestic structure.

The heritage parapet façade and simple front room configuration was retained with minor upgrades and structural works. A previous dimly lit, cold extension was removed entirely to facilitate the new addition.

The result is formally simplistic. A compact plan organised into a series of indoor and outdoor rooms connected linearly in plan, and visually across its levels. There was a decision, or a mandate, to limit architectural experiments, luxury finishes and bespoke items. Instead, the project focuses on simple architectural expression, openings and proportions.

Photography by Anthony Richardson.


Furniture: Southwood. Lighting: Euroluce. Finishes: Dulux, Colorbond. Fittings & Fixtures: Reece.