Marrickville Library and Pavilion

Steensen Varming (Engineering & ESD Consultants) & BVN (Architects)


Marrickville Library aims to bring together all the facilities of a contemporary public library, including a broad range of community resources such as meeting rooms, auditorium and workshops which converge around a new public open space providing a new gathering space for the precinct and for the community at large. Situated in the former Marrickville Hospital site, the new Marrickville Library Community Hub consists of a large library and much needed new community and cultural facilities, with open spaces and residential apartments. The building integrates contemporary design and technology with the original, conserved heritage elements of the main hospital building. It is uncompromising with regards to sustainability, with recycled elements wherever possible and clever design features that promote a high indoor environmental quality and reduced energy consumption.

Photography: Philip Noller & Alexandra Bogdanova