Sue Hutton’s Stephenson’s Mill

Hector Abrahams Architects

The project is situated on the lands of the Gundungurra people.
Stephenson’s Mill in Crookwell is exceptionally significant as a purpose-designed mill building built-in 1871 in a vernacular architectural style, using local bluestone walling 600mm thick. It is a well-known and loved landmark in this historic town.

Employing the rarely used heritage incentives clause of the Local Environmental Plan leveraged public interest which lies at the heart of the provision. Zoned commercial, it is allowed to be used for residential use in return for conservation works to the historic fabric. This particularly enabled the retention of embodied energy, the first sustainability initiative. The second was the sealing of the envelope through new sarkings, new eaves linings, and new double-glazed window sashes in existing frames. A complete suite of low-tech energy systems was provided to address the harsh climate and local habits.

This project shows that having the will, imagination and skill makes for a kind of sustainability that is low-tech, energy-wise, and fitted to the needs of people and communities.

Photography by Sue Hutton’s Stephensons Mill_Neil Waldron

Furniture: Recycled.