Having the intelligence to power our homes

  •   7 July 2021

Intelligence, in its purest form, is an innate sense of knowledge. To have the understanding and comprehension to complete a task, and to be able to carry it out correctly and concisely. Intelligence takes on many forms within human nature, but as we have begun to evolve and bring our technologies with us, intelligence has begun to look even more different.

That intelligence is Artificial Intelligence (AI). While many instantly think of robots and voice automation, AI, much like the intelligence of humans, comes in many forms. What can be said about all types of Artificial Intelligence though, is that it shapes and improves our lives on many levels. This can be face detection and recognition, GPS technologies and even autocorrect. But what we are beginning to see, in the design industry, is Artificial Intelligence being used to control our homes. 

The smart home, for an extensive period of time, was only imagined in 20th century cartoons and the projectors in our minds. There have been various insights into what the smart home looks like throughout the years in pop culture, but no longer must we imagine, because the smart home is here. 

In a time where energy efficiency and sustainability is a non-negotiable among new dwellings, smart home technologies are enabling us to set and forget. To allow these programs to control ventilation, natural light, electricity levels and security, in an effort to improve asset reliability and performance, improves the efficiency of the dwelling.

The Sustainability Awards Smart Building Ideas Category rewards technologies that assist with the comfortability of smart homes and invites programs of all shapes and sizes to submit their entry

The Sustainability Awards has long been a pioneer in recognising modern sustainable practice and awarding those who have taken the industry to unprecedented heights. The Smart Building Ideas category is no stranger to this mantra, and was created in 2018 to reflect the growing market for smart home technologies. All previous winners have been dwellings that incorporate devices of high intelligence that ultimately allow a building to run more efficiently.

vanquish house

The 2021 winner of the Smart Building Ideas category, Vanquish by Joe Edsett Architects.

ASP Access Floors is the Official Sponsor for the 2021 Smart Building Ideas award. A supporter of the Sustainability Awards as a whole, the company’s HR, Sustainability & Marketing Manager Angela Zlatar says the awards double as a platform for ASP to outline their commitment to sustainability.

“The Sustainability Awards is an excellent way for us to show our company’s support for sustainability, and greater sustainability awareness, in the construction industry. We want to see it filter into all levels of construction, so it doesn’t just get spoken about at a management level and then forgotten on site. It needs to be at the front of mind at all stages. As human beings, we’re quite a force on the earth, we do a lot of damage. So, if we can get the construction industry moving to a really high sustainability level then that’s a huge win.”

The 2021 Sustainability Awards will be held in Sydney in November, with the Smart Building Ideas award to be announced along with the winners of all other categories. To register a project worthy of the Smart Building Ideas award, or any other category, please do so here.


This article is brought to you in partnership with ASP Access Floors, proud sponsors of the 2021 Sustainability Awards’ Smart Building Ideas category.